A Career As A Licensed Vocational Nurse – What To Expect

Do you want to become a licensed vocational nurse? You must know that a licensed vocational nurse is just the same as a licensed practical nurse in the U.S. This career is very rewarding and it will provide you a stable job for many years to come. Becoming a LVN is one-step closer to being a registered nurse, which will broaden career opportunities for you. Once you are a registered nurse, you will earn a higher salary.

They say that a nursing job is called labor of love. Well, this is very true as nurses help other people because they genuinely care and are passionate about helping. For the next 20-30 years of your life, you will devote your time and effort in helping others. In fact, there are nurses who take care of other people more than themselves and their family. You should expect to give this is the dedication and commitment when you become a licensed vocational nurse.

The responsibilities of a LVN to expect include basic daily tasks like helping patients dress, groom and eat. LVNs also keep patient records, updates and track the progress. LVNs are asked to collect laboratory samples, give medication, and give injections to patients. The head physician of the patient instructs all of these.

To become a LVN, you should expect to complete your education through a LVN training program. These training programs last 1- 2 years. Choose a school that has a very high passing rate in the licensure exam. This indicates that the school provides quality education and prepares nursing students to get their licenses with ease.  Another thing to remember is to apply in a program that is accredited by the nursing board in your state.

What are the prerequisites to apply for LVN training programs? First, you will need a high school diploma or general education development. You should be 18 years old and has good English and interpersonal skills. Why is this needed? LVN programs are focused on nursing courses and will not take much time teaching you about general education subjects like English.

Other things you should expect from a LVN nursing career, is that a registered nurse will manage you. You can expect a starting salary of $31,000 and it can go up to $46,000 for 2-4 years of experience. For LVNs working for more than 20 years, the salary can range from $33,000 to $49,000. If this kind of nursing career is up your alley then you should aim for it.

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