Advance Your Nursing Career Through Specializations

Nurses have many options in advancing their career to a more reputable level.  The nursing career is broad and those who are pursuing to become nurses must be aware on the various nursing specializations.  Registered nurses especially can move up in the nursing field when taking up specialized training or master’s degree. This can increase earning potential as well as land better opportunities in the different areas where they can apply such enhance knowledge.  As there are a lot of this nursing specializations, discussed below are the top three.

Of the abounding nursing specializations Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or CRNA gets the top spot.  CRNAs are authorized to administer anesthesia to the patient under the supervision of a physician, dentist, surgeon, anesthesiologist and other specialists.  Oftentimes, these nurses are employed in lieu of an anesthesiologist because they already have the capacity to work as such and are paid almost half of what the anesthesiologist earns.  But nevertheless CRNAs earn high and is noted to be the highest paid nurse with annual income at $135,000 on average.

Next in line is the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner whose earning capacity is at $95,000 in yearly median salary.  These nurses are those that work with individuals suffering from mental disorders as well as psychiatric conditions.  Some of the patients are those that have undergone substance abuse.  Psychiatric nurses can diagnose and provide treatment to psychiatric maladies.  They also work in various environments including community health centers, hospitals, emergency services and clinics.  These nurses are able to practice autonomously in as much as twenty states.

Among the top five nursing specializations you may choose to take up is that of the Nurse Researcher.  Like the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, the potential income is the same, which is at $95,000 per year.  The Nurse Researcher focuses on scientific research and evaluation.  They are those that work in the laboratories or universities and take part in a research team to continue exploration on different science subjects.  These nurses also work as professor in nursing at academic institutions.

When it comes to the nursing career, it is imperative to take one of the specializations.  And choosing among the top will definitely increase the potential not just in the income but also in advancement.  Nursing is one of the healthcare professions that is in continuous demand so might as well join in the bandwagon.  Many have sown their satisfaction as a nurse and you could be one of them when choosing the right specialization for you.

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