Are You Meant To Be A Flight Nurse?

A flight nurse is a registered nurse that can apply his or her nursing skills while airborne. Do not think of it as a job similar to a flight attendant, it is completely different. Flight nurses are very important nurses when it comes to emergencies where a person has to be airlifted. Flight nurses coordinate with other teams, effectively communicate with them and have a strong passion to help injured people.

The Career Of A Flight Nurse

A flight nurse is a registered nurse that specializes in intensive care nursing. Flight nurses have emergency and critical care nursing skills. These nurses have to deal with a wide gamut of emergency situations in various conditions. Different employers employ the services of flight nurses. There are flight nurses that work with medical emergency teams that cater to critically injured or ill patients. These patients have to be airlifted to the hospital and the flight nurse is the one caring for them while airborne.

Career Of A Flight NurseThere are flight nurses that work with teams that cater to disaster sites like natural disasters or industrial disasters. People who are injured will need immediate help. Often, critically injured patients have to be airlifted to the hospital to save their lives. The work of a flight nurse during that trip to the hospital is of utmost importance. The flight nurse has to make sure that the patient’s vitals are still maintained and that the patient’s body is still responding.

Some airline companies hire flight nurses to fly with patients that need special medical attention. The flight nurse will be given the medical history of the patient as well as the medical supplies and equipment needed in case of any emergency during the flight. There are employers that hire private flight nurses.

Job Responsibilities Of A Flight Nurse

A flight nurse has to check, monitor and maintain the inventory of medical supplies for each flight. He or she has to treat patients immediately during emergencies even without hospital back up. A fight nurse should be ready to treat patients inside a flying vehicle. A flight nurse will travel with individuals or groups of people who require special medical attention. In addition, he should be prepared to perform any non-emergency or emergency medical procedures in fight, during emergencies or disasters.

A flight nurse has to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then pursue continuing education in critical care nursing. He or she should develop skills in accurate assessment. Flight nurses should have excellent communication skills. He or she should be calm and always prepared.

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