Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist – How Much Are They Earning

Before taking any college degree, most people would look into how much a degree will affect the earning capacity when added to the resume.  As it is the practical decision to make, in demand courses are the one pursued other than which they are passionate about.  Eventually those that follow these courses have come to love their jobs because of the way it helps those who are in need.  One course that you can take that is serving a lot of people is that of the nurse.  This career also offers good paying positions for the registered nurses or RNs and high salaries for the certified registered nurse anesthetist or CRNAs.

There are other hospitals or medical facilities that only employ certified registered nurse anesthetists as CRNAs are allowed to do the job of the anesthesiologist at less than half the fee.  The medical institutions often do this to make their operating cost efficient.  This does not mean that CRNAs do not earn fat paychecks but in comparison to the anesthesiologists, their salary is not that big.

For the registered nurse, the pay of the CRNA is a different story.  RNs see the pay of the CRNAs way better than what they receive.  RNs average annually at $60,000 while those with CRNA title earns yearly at an average of $160,000.  When it comes to salaries, the earnings of the RNs do not even make half of what the CRNAs receive.  Therefore, it is no surprise that those nurses with a plan in getting the most of their career obtain more education to get the best pay available.  In addition, you should know that CRNAs are said to be the nurses getting the highest pay.

Though if you want to earn better than the CRNA, you might want to be a doctor in the long run as nurses reach their peak at the master’s level.  Of course, a doctorate degree may apply eventually if you want to be a professor in a university.  But in terms of a nursing career, the CRNA is the usually the ultimate goal for a nurse.  Even if you do not go to the professor level, the salary of the CRNA is pretty much satisfying already in compensation for the odd hours you have to work.  When you follow the career path of the nurse, always aim for the highest position and not for income’s sake.  Moreover, to be of help in serving your community well.

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