Forensic Nurses – Are They In Demand?

With the global economic crisis affecting various countries throughout the world, it is quite understandable that some people are becoming skeptical with their future especially when it comes to employment. This is why some people prefer to choose a course, which can provide a secure job later on even if they are not that interested with the course or it is not their line of expertise and interests. Nursing is a very in demand job and sub-specialties like forensic nursing are also steadily growing especially in countries with growing population, increasing crime rate, and growing health care needs.

Forensic nurses are professionals who are providing health care services, helps law enforcement agencies, and legal units in the investigation and solving of crimes. Forensic nursing, compared to other nursing specialization, is a very complex and meticulous discipline since you do not only help people with health and medical needs but you also investigate and collect evidences needed for crime-solving purposes. Through forensic nursing, wounds and other health related problems can be investigated and confirmed whether the problem is caused by self-neglect or through assault.

According to the United States Labor Statistics, the nursing industry is expected to grow about 22% in the coming years. Although there is no specific reference to forensic nursing, the total jobs and positions opened for all types of nursing professions increased to 20% from the year 2008 and are expected to continuously increase until year 2018. With the rapid increase in population, it is expected that security threats and crime rates will also increase especially in the urban and metropolitan areas. To prevent this possible situation from happening, more law enforcers, crime investigators, and health providers will be needed. Populations that are also affected with the growing number of elders will also need more nurses and forensic nurses in order to help elders who are victim of abuse, exploitation and assault.

With the growing need for registered nurses and certified forensic nurses, it can also be expected that the salaries under these fields will also increase. According to Payscale, forensic nurses usually earn an average annual income of $90,000 to $100,000. The total salary can also be much higher especially for forensic nurses with more trainings and experience in the field of forensic nursing. Forensic nurses with higher pays usually take additional certification trainings in order to build their experience and expertise in their chosen field. Some of the highest paid forensic nurses are clinical nurse specialists, legal nurse consultants and forensic gerontology specialists.

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