Get The Best Career With Accelerated Nursing Programs

The healthcare industry is rapidly growing and will continue to grow in the next 5 years. This means that the healthcare industry will be opening more jobs especially to nurses. With the current shortage of nurses, this job makes it attractive to high school graduates. No student wants to end up completing a degree and then having a hard time looking for a job. If you pick a nursing degree, finding a job will be easy.

Aspiring nurses have two ways to become a nurse. The first is to complete the 4-year bachelor’s degree in nursing and the other is to take the 2-year accelerated nursing program. More and more people prefer the accelerated nursing program because it is the quickest way to become a nurse. In fact, accelerated nursing programs are the fourth most popular degree program in the U.S. in 2010. This fact is not that surprising. When a person completes his degree in 12-18 months, he can start finding a job and being rewarded with good pay and benefits. In addition, nurses have a wide range of job opportunities. They can work in different departments and pursue different specializations.

With the popularity of accelerated nursing programs, there are 235 accelerated BSN programs in the U.S. These programs are also helping the world shortage of nurses. The healthcare industry is preparing for the coming years as the baby boomer generation is reaching the retirement age. This means that more nurses will be needed to care for the elderly and there is not much nurses around right now. With accelerated nursing degree programs, students will be motivated to finish their degree early and start their career. This allows schools to produce quality nurses quickly. Moreover, students can proceed to studying their master’s degree earlier too.

Enrolling in an accelerated nursing program is good for your career. Since you will complete your degree earlier, you can already find a secure and stable job for yourself. Through this job, you will gain the experience you need to qualify for a master’s program. In 2 years’ time, you can start getting your master’s degree already. Once you get your master’s degree, you will have more job opportunities and a higher pay grade. There is no doubt that an accelerated nursing program will help give you the best career.

For people who are considering a career change, an accelerated nursing program is the best option. You may start from scratch again with your career but after 3-4 years, you will be earning more than you have ever made in your life.

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