How To Become A CRNA

When you want to become a nurse you should be able to identify which nursing career is the target.  Nurses have various titles and can entail many licensure exams to pass as well as taking up different degrees.  To those who are eyeing the nursing career early on, they go for reaching a master’s degree.  There are many master’s degree programs for a nurse but one of the most sought after is that of the CRNA or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  What makes this title a lucrative nursing career is because of the salary that it offers and the flexibility of the work schedule.

To become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you must at least have an associate’s degree in nursing or a bachelor’s degree.  After the college degree is obtained, a licensure exam must be passed to practice as a registered nurse.  The particular exam for an aspiring registered nurse is the National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurse or NCLEX-RN.  If you have passed the exam you can then obtain your license as a registered nurse and find a job that will start your nursing career.

From the bachelor’s degree, you must be able to have at least a year of experience as a nurse before you can enroll for a master’s degree in nurse anesthetist graduate program.  If CRNA is your goal, while waiting for the one year to commence as requirement on experience, you can start reading books on the subject and gather information.  Doing so will give you a head start as soon as you are able to gain admission into the master’s degree of nurse anesthetist.  You will have better understanding once the lessons will begin in the formal schooling.  Being assigned in the operating room as a registered nurse will give you a glimpse of the work of the CRNA as well.

After the graduate program is completed, a national certification exam should be taken.  Passing the certification exam will earn you the designation of the CRNA.  However, you should continue your education to be updated with the medical advances as well as to keep the CRNA title.  It is necessary to take a continuing education of at least 40 hours every two years to maintain as a CRNA.  This is also beneficial to you for career growth and extension of knowledge even while working.  It is always recommended to not stop expanding yourself by taking in more learning especially which can be applied to your job.

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