Nursing Careers – Are Nurses In Demand?

When considering a nursing career, it will pay to look at the future growth and demand of the healthcare industry. You will want to make sure that it will not be hard to look for a job once you graduate. Checking if the demand for nurses will increase or will still be present is a must. As more and more students want to become nurses, the competition might take you by surprise.

Are nurses in demand right now? Will nurses still be in demand in the coming years? Therefore, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the demand for nurses will continue to grow faster than any other job. Right now, registered nurses comprise 2.3 million jobs in the healthcare industry. If you are overwhelmed with the figure, do not be. In fact, there is still a nursing storage in the U.S. and around the world.

It seems like the demand for nurses will never go away. There are several reasons why the demand for nurses especially hospital nurses remains consistently high. One of the reasons is because of the aging population. With the baby boomer generation reaching the retirement age, more nurses are needed to care for them. Another reason is the aging workforce. The current median age for nurses now is 43.3. This just shows that the nurses entering the healthcare industry are older and they are closer to the retirement age.

The career choice of a nurse is another reason why there is an increase in demand. Hospital nurses are needed the most today but not many will take this career path. Being a hospital nurse is pretty demanding. There are so many things to do compared to being a private nurse. In addition, with the several career choices a nurse can pursue, the demand will not cease. A nurse can pursue a clinical career, a managerial or education career. There is also a shortage of nurse educators and instructors. This is bad because a nursing school can reject applications because they do not have any instructors to teach the class. Hence, the number of nursing students will go down and graduates will decrease too.

There is no doubt that a nursing career is a promising one. The demand for nurses will remain persistent in the next years and this is a good time to get a nursing degree. There is really no need to rush your nursing training just to get a job early. Bear in mind that the longer the training is, the better nurse you will be.

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