Specialize In Critical Care Nursing To Advance Your Nursing Career

In becoming a nurse, the dream does not stop at being a registered nurse.  For some, the ultimate goal is getting that license as a registered nurse but there is room for improvement.  This can be achieved by specializing in a field that a nurse finds the most interesting.  One of the top in-demand nursing specializations today is that of the critical care nurse.  These are the nurses found in acute and critical care facilities in any medical institution including the emergency room, cardiac care units and intensive care unit or ICU.  These nurses have advance skills in providing patient care to the critically ill patients.

More often than not, on the job training of a critical care nursing is typically provided when hired in any of the critical care facilities as a registered nurse.  Certification is not compulsory but can give advantage to those who want to land supervisory positions.  Some employers though prefer those with certification as this shows that the nurse have passed professional standards.  To be able to qualify for a certification as a critical care registered nurse or CCRN, experience in the critical care facility, continuing education and passing an exam are the requirements.  The American Association of Critical Care Nurses provides the certification.

Even though the critical care nurse handles fewer patients, these patients need constant assessment and monitoring.  Critical care is intensive that may eventually require an aspiring nurse to take on advance degree in nursing. Various educational programs can be accomplished to have the credentials as a critical care nurse.  The critical care nurses pursue master’s degree or doctorate degree because of the complexities that is involved in this nursing specialization.  From there, critical care nurses eventually become acute care nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists.  Both of these are advance practice nursing positions that offer the nurse a higher degree in patient responsibility.

Gaining a specialization in nursing does not only increase the capability of a nurse but makes the nursing career a higher regard.  With that, the critical care nurse can expect an increase in income.  Average annual salary of a critical care nurse is at $73,000.  This income range is pretty much above average and can provide a comfortable lifestyle.  The nursing career is a never-ending journey to follow and being a critical care nurse is one of the specializations to choose.  If you will opt for it then you will be highly rewarded.

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