Transcultural Nursing: A Cognitive Nursing Specialty

Cultural differences are not a minor thing especially when it comes to health care because a lot of people suffer from discrimination and do not get the health care they deserve just because they are quite different from the majority of people living in a particular area. Everyone has different cultural beliefs and practices especially when a person comes from other nation and with a different religion. Because of the different in beliefs and practices, needs and demands for healthcare services may also vary from person to person especially when it comes to nursing care.

To respect a person’s own cultural belief, a particular discipline in nursing has been developed, which is transcultural nursing. This kind of nursing practice is a cognitive nursing specialty developed to provide the right nursing care while respecting the patient’s own cultural beliefs, which may affect their views on medical and health care.

Ethnic and racial discrimination have been a common problem in some parts of the world especially in countries with diverse population. By understanding people’s differences especially in terms of culture, healthcare professionals like nurses will be able to avoid stereotyping and incorrect application of nursing care. Through transcultural nursing, professional nurses get to properly understand people and their patients not only physically and emotionally but also spiritually and culturally.

Cognitive Nursing SpecialtyAwareness in cultural differences does not only reduce discrimination among people but it also improves overall quality of life. Transcultural nursing helps professional nurses and other types of healthcare professionals that provide nursing care to understand and respect the cultural beliefs and practices of other people. To be able to do this, open-mindedness and flexibility are very essential traits. Not all people can easily accept the differences in other people’s views and beliefs especially when these beliefs are too far from what they believe in. However, with transcultural nursing, nursing professionals are trained and taught to listen well to their patients, understand and discover their personal beliefs, and practices involving health and illnesses.

One great place for transcultural nursing practice is the United States. Nurses do not have to travel to very far away lands just to be able to see and experience firsthand the differences in people’s beliefs and culture. United States is one of the main countries where cultural diversity is very common. Differences in traditions, ethnic customs and taboos are very common in this nation. To be able to provide proper nursing care, licensed nurses must somehow mix and apply their cultural knowledge into the type of nursing care they provide to patients.

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