What Are The Nursing Specializations That A Registered Nurse Can Pursue?

As a registered nurse, you have the capacity to enhance the nursing career by specializing.  Many nursing specializations can be chosen depending on the specific field that a nurse may want to focus on. This can be decided upon on the different exposures that have been experienced by a nurse through time. More often than not, nurses who found the particular specialty will want to work on that area for a long time even for the rest of the nursing career.  The nursing specializations can be categorized by setting or treatment, specific health condition, body system and patient type.

In nursing specialization by treatment or setting, these nurses are assigned in a particular area. Among these nurses are those in the ambulatory care, emergency or trauma care, critical care and correctional.  Ambulatory care nurses are those that assist the doctors in their clinics or offices.  Emergency or trauma nurses are those given the responsibility of providing care in the emergency rooms.  Critical care nurses are primarily appointed in intensive care units.  Correctional nurses are those who treat inmates in the prison or correctional.

Nursing specialization can also be selected by a certain health condition. A few of these are the oncology, genetics, and psychiatry.  Oncology nurses are responsible for cancer patients.  Genetic nurses deal with patients with genetic illnesses.  Psychiatric nurses handle patients with mental health disorders.

Another category of nursing specializations is based on body system that is given emphasis on nurse care. Nurses involved in providing patient care with a particular body system or organ is cardiovascular, orthopedic, and nephrology.  Cardiac nurses are those who take care of patients with heart diseases.  Orthopedic nurses are able to care for patients with skeletal and muscular problems.  Nephrology nurses are those who specialize in giving care, treatment and imparting knowledge on kidney conditions.

Then there are those that want to choose their patients to provide care.  Nurses according to patient type are pediatric, neonatal or geriatric.  Pediatric nurses are those who focus their patient care on infants to teenagers.  Neonatal nurses take care of newborn babies up to one month olds.  Geriatric nurses are nurses who give care for the elderly.

These nurses are knowledgeable of what the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance care that these ailments imply.  Most of knowledge is learned through experience in a specific field. Then a certification and even a master’s degree can be earned.  Nursing specializations are a means to improve nursing knowledge as well as advance the career.

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