What Is A Licensed Vocational Nurse?

Have you heard of a licensed vocational nurse? You are probably wondering what this is? Is this a new type of nursing career? Does it differ from a licensed practical nurse? To remove any confusion in your mind, a licensed vocational nurse is the same as a licensed practical nurse. In some countries, people prefer using LVN but in the US, LPN is more common.

A Licensed Vocational Nurse Is Educated and Trained

A licensed vocational nurse is someone who is education and trained to carry out nursing duties in the medical field. The training for a licensed vocational nurse will vary. Some training programs will take only a year while there are 2-year training programs. These training programs are available at community colleges and technical colleges. The training program can also offer A.A. or A.S. degrees.

A Licensed Vocational Nurse Is Licensed

After completing the training program, a vocational nurse should get his or her license. The license can only be obtained once the practical nurse passes the NCLEX-PN exam. There will be varying requirements to sit in this exam and you should contact the board of nursing in your state to double check.

A Licensed Vocational Nurse Performs Nursing Tasks

A Licensed Vocational Nurse has several nursing duties and obligations to do at work. He or she provides direct patient care. He or she will take vital signs, record findings, observe, help feed patients, administer medication, give injections and other tasks to help assist the patient. The duties will depend on where the LVN is working.

A Licensed Vocational Nurse is Your Best Friend

When you are sick, licensed vocational nurses are the nurses that care for you when you are in the hospital. They are just one buzz away and they will come to your aid immediately. They will try to ease any discomfort or pain you are feeling and they will make sure to track your progress and recovery. These LVNs are very competent and you can trust that they know what they are doing.

Today, a licensed vocational nursing profession is becoming more popular because it is the fastest way to start a career in the healthcare industry. However, aspiring nurses should not take this job easily. Licensed vocational nurses are very important in society and in the industry that help save people’s lives. LVNs should always take their jobs seriously or any mistake might lead to more complications.

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