Will A Nurse Midwife Career Satisfy You?

Many people delight in seeing newborn babies. This is one reason why nurses choose to become neonatal nurses in hospitals. They want to care for infants. There are nurses who want to care for the pregnant mothers and help them in giving birth.  They can become great gynecology nurses. But wait, do you know that there is a specific nursing career where you can do both? It is called the Nurse Midwife and this job will let your work with pregnant women and care for their newborns too.

The Career Of A Nurse Midwife

A certified nurse midwife or CNM is a registered nurse. She specializes in obstetrics, gynecologic, delivery of babies, prenatal and postnatal care. Nurse midwives provide care for pregnant women to ensure an easy pregnancy process and giving birth to a healthy baby.

Certified nurse midwives can work alongside an obstetrician or they can work independently. There are expecting mothers that want to give birth at home and nurse midwives are the perfect healthcare professionals to do this. CNMs also work in hospitals and birth clinics.

The Work Of A Nurse Midwife

Nurse Midwife Career A nurse midwife’s job responsibilities include recommending pregnancy exams and checking any medication that the pregnant woman will take. In most states, a certified nurse midwife can prescribe medication. The certified nurse midwife helps the expecting mother decide what medical technology will be used during her delivery. There are those that prefer natural birth giving while others are more dependent on modern technological aid. The certified nurse midwife will help the pregnant mother prepare for their chosen method of delivery.

Certified nurse midwives are becoming more popular because families are choosing midwives as their healthcare option during pregnancy. CNMs ensure the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy as well as during delivery. The services of a certified nurse midwife lower the instance of maternal and infant mortality in the U.S. In addition, low birth weight and premature birthing are lessened too.

Why Become A Certified Nurse Midwife?

Nurses are becoming more interested in nurse midwifery. The average salary of a nurse midwife is $84,900 a year. Aside from the high pay, being a certified nurse midwife is a highly fulfilling job. You are in front line of women giving birth and making sure that both mother and child are healthy. To become a certified nurse midwife, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing plus additional training in gynecology.

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