Bachelor Of Science In Nursing – Being One-Step Ahead

There is no better time to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing than now. As millions of people become part of the aging population, the need for healthcare workers rises. Healthcare standard increases as well as the demand for nurses. If you have just finished high school or is a nursing student pursuing an associate degree, it is best to start making changes in your plans. Pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing today and you will not regret it. With the nursing shortage expected to last until the coming decades, nursing jobs will always be in demand.

Holding a bachelor degree of Science in Nursing will give you a step ahead in your career. Thousands of practical and registered nurses only hold an associate degree. They chose this because of the fewer years needed to study. However, nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree have the best chances for career advancement in the healthcare industry. Further, more knowledge and training means more chances of getting promotions and job opportunities.

So, how do you start your nursing career? The first thing to do is find a nursing school and apply for the nursing degree program. A BSN will be completed within 4 years. If you wish to finish earlier, you can take up an accelerated nursing degree program. You will obtain a bachelor’s degree after this degree program as well. Accelerated nursing degree programs will take 2 years to complete. The coursework for both these degrees is the same except that accelerated nursing degree programs are more rigorous and fast-paced. Nonetheless, you will get the formal education and training you need to become a nurse through this degree programs.

Now, how do you start your career? After you finish your degree, you need to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become registered. Passing this exam will give you the title of registered nurse and you can start applying for nursing jobs. Employers highly value a bachelor’s degree and will not hesitate to hire you for their healthcare organization. Employers know that nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree are more prepared to meet the healthcare demand of today and they can work in a variety of work environments. In addition, nurses who are bachelor degree holders can handle more responsibilities in the job.

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is important to have but what is more valuable is your journey to achieve it. The journey is what will prepare you to become a qualified nurse in the healthcare workforce.

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