Getting CNA Certification Through Online Programs

Becoming a CNA or a Certified Nursing Assistant can be a very tough and demanding job since your job is to help patients, usually elders with their daily activities. CNAs assist nurses and doctors, but they usually help patients especially in bathing, feeding, and toilet needs. You will also be responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation in the area where your patient resides so you might need to clean soiled linens often and change bedpans. You may also encounter patients that are uncooperative and really demanding. That is why aspiring CNAs should be emotionally mature, dedicated and passionate with their job since being a certified nursing assistant is not just about application of skills and training. It is about providing help and care to those people who are in need of health care.

Because of the growing demand for certified nursing assistants, many people are now considering to enroll in training programs for CNAs. One of the popular options considered today is an online CNA training program. However, certified nursing assistant’s jobs require practical and clinical training that are supervised by professional nurses and CNAs. Most of the online CNA training programs are blended courses between online classes and actual practical training.

Aside from the blended online and offline coursework, you should also inquire in your state first if online CNA training are accredited and accepted in your community or state. This is because some states do not accept CNA applicants who gained their training certifications from online programs. If your state approves and accepts online training certifications for aspiring CNAs, then you should explore all possible options and look for the best online CNA training program offered in your community.

Just like the traditional training for CNAs, online CNA training also involve 75 hours of state-approved training classes and theory classes. You also need to complete another 100 hours of supervised clinical training. After finishing the training program, students will be required to pass the examinations administered by the health institution, by the state or by the national certification agency. Once you passed the examination, you will receive your certification and start your work as a CNA or certified nursing assistant. There are only few online nursing schools and colleges offering online CNA training because of the regulations of their state. If you lack the resources to enroll in nursing schools, you can also acquire a free CNA training, which is offered by various health institutions like nursing centers, and home care facilities.

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