How To Assess Your Nursing Continuing Education

Every nurse needs continuing education to be updated with the latest in healthcare industry. Being a nurse one of your responsibilities is to learn about the new developments in your line of work. There are different types of continuing education. You can choose to take short courses, attend seminars and join workshops. You should not continue education just for the sake of it. You should find the subject matter that will be useful in your career.

Here are some tips to assess and choose the right continuing education courses for you:

  • Relevance- You should only choose a course that is relevant to your nursing job. Will this course improve your skills and abilities? If you are a school nurse, learning about new ER technologies is not relevant at all. However, you must be keen in looking at the curriculum of the course. Sometimes, there will be subtle connections there that can help you too.
  • Nursing Continuing EducationCareer Opportunity- One of the reasons why you continue your education is to enhance your career. Ask yourself, will this course bring new career opportunities? The nursing career highly values education and training. This is why nurses with more experience and those with higher degrees are paid more. Continuing your education shows dedication in your work; employers are more likely to offer you career opportunities due to the added training and knowledge you have.
  • Accreditation- Whether you are taking the continuing education course offline or online, you should make sure it is accredited. If you are continuing education because it is a requirement for maintaining your license or renewing your certification, only accredited programs are accepted.
  • Instructors- You can assess the continuing education course by knowing who is offering it. Are the instructors of the course well known in the nursing field? Although popularity should not always be a measurement of quality of education, somehow, the reputation of the instructor and institution should be considered. Bear in mind that you will spend money on continuing your education. You should at least make sure that it is worth your time and money.
  • Learning Style- You should know how and where you would learn the most. After years of studying to earn your degree, you can determine the learning style that best suits you. Look at the learning style of the continuing education and see if you can get the most out of it.

Continuing education may seem like another expenditure but think of it as an investment. Aside from the need to learn more, you will also need this to retain your license as a registered nurse.

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