Nursing Degree Programs – What You Need To Know

Is it that time of the year to start considering your degree options? Nursing degrees are quite popular today so you might want to consider them. Nursing degrees have become broader over the years. If you want to pursue a nursing career, you must choose the right nursing degree for you.

There are three specific nursing degrees to choose. These are the associate degree, bachelor’s degree and accelerated nursing programs.  It is important to know what type of nurse you want to become to be able to choose among these degrees.

The associate degree can be completed in just a year. Once you graduate with this degree, you can be a licensed practical nurse. Most of the tasks of a LPN are pretty basic like taking patient’s vital signs, dressing wounds, administering medicine and injections and doing some laboratory tests.

The next degree is the bachelor’s degree, which will take 4 years to complete. This is a higher-level degree and you will get more training under this program. This degree program is much more comprehensive. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree can give you more job options in the future. This is also your ticket to proceeding with a master’s degree afterwards. When you pick this program, it will prepare you to become a registered nurse later on. There are schools that offer a combination of BSN to RN programs.

The last type of degree that you can take up is called the accelerated nursing degree program. An accelerated nursing program is basically a congested bachelor’s degree that you can finish in a span of two years. The program is just as comprehensive as the BSN but it will be more demanding. With the training cramped into 2 years of study only, classes are longer and there is more work to be done. Nevertheless, you get to complete your degree early.

As mentioned, you can take your master’s degree after your BSN. The main goal of getting a master’s degree is to pick a nursing specialization you want to focus on. With a master’s degree, you will have more job opportunities. You can apply for higher-level jobs and earn more money. What fields can you specialize? You can focus on nurse management, maternal nursing, pediatric nursing, teacher and many more.

Choosing the right nursing degree program is the key to your career’s success. You should choose wisely to avoid wasting any time and effort in the wrong degree program.

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