Things You Need To Know About Nursing Scholarship Programs

College can be tough. Rising expenses and tuition fees may hamper us from getting in. However, scholarships abound for the most deserving to get an education. Nursing scholarships are no exemption. Nursing education is no laughing matter. Tuition is expensive and books are much more so. Nevertheless, if you are the type of person that grabs the bull by its horns, then looking for a scholarship may be for you. Here are a few tips for you though in looking for one that fits you.




Depending on the scholarship, not everyone is eligible. It may be that the scholarship is only accepting Hispanic or African-American students. It may be that the scholarship will look into the most financially handicapped. It may be that the scholarship requires at least a 3.5 GPA. Look at the requirements first to see if you qualify.

The Catch

Nursing ScholarshipsThere are scholarships that would oblige you to work in an affiliated hospital for a set number of years after graduation, usually two to eight years. Most of these scholarships are government-based and would need service in return soon after graduation.

There are also scholarships that require you to keep a minimum average for a grade. Most of these come from higher institutions that ask a lot from the scholar academically but give back a lot in return too. These can be very difficult to get in.


Be wary though as there are many scholarships out there that can be scams too. Here are a couple of warning signs that the scholarship may be a scam.

  • They ask for your financial information (bank accounts, credit card number)
  • They hold appointments at public places and not at the school
  • There is an application fee
  • They are guaranteeing you a scholarship even before finishing your application

Increasing Your Chances

With competition out there, it may be difficult to get that scholarship you want. Here are a couple of tips though to increase those chances of acceptance.

  • Do not miss the deadlines
  • Allow your references time to write your letters of recommendation
  • Write the essay from the heart and not what the council wants to hear
  • Proofread, triple check, and have someone else read your essay to make sure all is well
  • Be on time for the interview and dress sharp
  • Be confident yet polite to the interviewer

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