Understand the Factors which Influence the Salary of a Medical Assistant and The Way to Increase Your Wages

Medical assistant salary range

According to the Bureau of Work Statistics the average medical assistant salary is $29,760 per annum or $14.31 per hour. But there's a great range on each side from $20,000 yearly or around $10 per hour up to $40,000 per annum which works out at an hourly rate of about $20.

Variables which impact a medical assistant salary

This great variation in incomes for medical assistants is caused by many considerations.

Level of Education

Since this is a competitive employment marketplace, the higher qualifications you have the better your chance of work success and also of negotiating a higher medical assistant pay. The minimum education duty is an one year certificate or diploma in medical assisting by undertaking a licensed medical assistant program. You can improve on this by completing a two year associate’s degree which can be employed in many medical assistant faculties to gain credits toward a bachelor's degree. This is highly satisfactory if you want to improve your career in the medical field and pursue, for example, a nursing degree.

Additionally, getting medical assistant certification has a direct impact on the medical assistant salary, raising your pay by up to five per cent more than non-certified medical assistants. Certified medical assistants are loads more in demand as it guarantees companies that you have reached a required level of knowledge and ability to perform a medical aiding job competently.


Experience is a serious factor in boosting the medical assistant salary. Primarily based on a forty hour work-week, a medical assistant with less than one year experience will earn $18,000 – $25,000. One to four years knowledge can increase this pay by around $2000. There are further increments for 5 to nine years and ten and years, while those with over twenty years knowledge can earn $35,000 – $40,000 per year.


A medical assistant salary can be increased by having certain skills like being bi-lingual. Given the large number of Hispanics in certain southern states, being fluent in English and Spanish would be exceedingly fascinating to enable doctors to communicate effectively with these patients.

Gaining additional qualifications beyond your medical assistant program will also give a competitive edge when arranging a higher medical assisting income. As an example, you will take additional medical assistant courses to gain knowledge and skills in the area of phlebotomy. All this shows potential employers you're a dedicated and progressive individual.

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