Administrative Nursing Jobs – What Are They?

An administrative nurse is the one who supervises a number of nurses in a certain department or medical facility. This type of nursing job involves the implementation of various administrative tasks such as those related to the application of nursing policy, coordination with the facility management as well as payroll matters. There are administrative nurses who also participate in certain seminars, and later on inform or train their own staff in accordance to new healthcare practices.

On the basic level, an administrative nurse is also referred to as the head nurse. In some smaller health departments, these nurses may also function as a health coordinator for pregnant women. It is their task to organize various services including prenatal care as well as immunizations.

Administrative Nursing Job Requirements and Qualifications

Those who are looking into having a career as an administrative nurse or nurse administrator should at least obtain a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. But of course, a person who has a higher degree of education, such as a master’s degree, is more qualified to get a position as an administrative nurse. Another option to have this nursing job is to get both an MBA and a Master’s degree in nursing.

When it comes to the personality of an aspiring nurse, a nurse administrator has to be a visionary person who has the drive to improve things and also enjoy making changes for the betterment of the department. Candidates to this position should also have discipline and perseverance in order for them to be successful in their long term goals.

Future Outlook

The field of nursing itself is a huge industry. In fact, this is the largest among all types of health care jobs. Experts also indicate that nursing is amongst those occupations that are expected to grow significantly over the next few years. This is probably because of the increase in the number of people who are in need of various and specialized medical care and services.

Another reason for this rise in demand for nurses is the rapid technological advancements in patient care. With these high demands for such services, it is not surprising that more and more medical facilities would emerge, therefore also increasing the demand for administrative nurses.

Those who receive special training and education on administrative nursing may work not only in medical centers, but in some other areas as well. These nurses, for instance, may work as hospital administrators, university deans as well as CEOs of certain nursing organizations and institutions.

Education and Training

An aspiring administrative nurse would basically get the required degree from a university or any nursing school. With the rising popularity of distance education programs, it is also now possible for any individual to take administrative nursing courses on the internet. While it is practically easy to find an online education program these days, the challenge always lies in the fact that one would need to opt for an online institution has to have the proper qualifications and accreditation from the state.

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