Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Critical Care Nurse?

Nurses are seen to be the basic provider of patient care in any healthcare facility.  It is through their education, knowledge and skills that they know how to properly give such care for every patient.  In every area of the medical institution, one can see that nurses are there to attend to the needs of the patient.  One of these areas is the critical care facility where critical care nurses are assigned.  Critical care nurses are those nurses who have taken up more training and have certification to ensure patients that they are qualified to handle critically ill patients.  In the nursing career, critical care nursing is one of the nursing specializations that can be taken up.

When pursuing to become a critical care nurse, you must assess yourself before taking this path.  The nursing position is not for the faint hearted more so for the critical care nurse.  Critical care nurses may look after fewer patients but these patients necessitate more attention.  It is essential to know how different life support machines work and what their uses are.  These nurses monitor the vital signs of the patient such as the blood pressure and heart rate.  Most of the time the equipment is checked that they are all working properly and the patient is not showing signs of distress.

Critical care facilities are well-lit, well-ventilated and clean work areas.  This is important, as the patients should not be exposed to an environment where they get worse.  To work in a critical care facility can be stressful as the critical care nurse should always be alert for changes in the patient’s condition.  The working hours can extend to more than the usual 8-hour routine, as the patients need constant attention.  Working on shifts as well as weekends is common as these facilities run on a 24-hour operation.

A certification as a critical care nurse will give advantage in landing a job in the critical care facility.  The American Association of Critical Care Nurses provides this certification.  Critical care nurses often further their education with a master’s degree or a doctorate degree.  Through this, these nurse become advance practice nurses, this enables them to handle supervisory positions in this facility.  If this is one nursing specialization, you are interested in and currently focus your nursing career. Then you can opt to become a critical care nurse.  Many have found this a satisfying job albeit the stress that comes with the work.

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