Help Solve Crimes-Be A Forensic Nurse

If solving crimes is your thing but you do not want to be a cop, there is another career for you. How you thought about becoming a forensic nurse? Forensic nursing is a specialty area. It serves as a link to the criminal justice structure and the healthcare system. Although you will always be investigating crime scenes with the police officers, your job as a forensic nurse will always be helpful in the court of law.

Forensic Nursing

As a forensic nurse, you will do some examinations and investigations on the probable causes of injury or fatality. You will explore cause and effects as well as help victims of crimes. You will help care for victims of sexual attacks, spousal abuse or assault. You will care for children, adults, men and women. As long as they were part of the crime and are hurt, you will care for them.

Be A Forensic NurseForensic nurses provide care for victims but they will also look for evidences that will help in cases. They can interview survivors as well as perpetrators to determine the motive of the crime as well as things that happened. If they are ever called to the crime scene, they can take evidences like forensic photography.

There are around 7,500 forensic nurses in the U.S. These nurses have devoted their lives in examining deaths and treating criminals under psychiatric care. Forensic nurses are indispensable. The increasing number of offense and crime rates in the US is certainly giving forensic nurses some work.

Will This Be A Career For You?

To be honest, a career in forensic nursing is not for the weak at heart. You will work with victims and criminals, which can affect you psychologically and emotionally. However, this is a fruitful career. You just need to earn a master’s degree and a license and you can work. It is very important in forensic nursing to gain work experience because this is how you will practice effective observation. By simply talking to the victim or perpetrator, you will know if they are telling the truth. By seeing the crime scene, you can immediately analyze what happened. There is a massive demand for forensic nurses because not many nurses will choose this career path.

If you do choose to become a forensic nurse, know that your hourly rate will range from $26 to $100 an hour. It can even go as high as $150. Although, the salary alone can motivate you to go into this nursing specialization, the ability to help victims, and put criminals behind bars is more fulfilling.

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