Home Health Nursing: Will This Suit You?

Nursing is a highly respectable and noble profession. Nurses are highly valued and very much needed in society. This job offers job security, satisfaction, good pay, benefits, stability and flexibility. There are plenty of nursing careers to choose from and nurses are free to decide where they want to work. Before, nurses mostly work in hospitals and healthcare centers but today, they can work in rehabilitation centers, community centers, schools and even become a travel nurse.

The Demand For Home Health Nurses

The growing number of the aging population contributes to the increasing demand of nurses in the healthcare industry. Because of this, home health nursing continues to grow. Right now, it is a popular career option for registered nurses. The elderly has grown fragile and weak and they will need daily care. Hospitals are trying to reduce the duration of admission. If the patient can go home, it is better. At home, home health nurses can take care of the seniors.

Home Health Nursing

Demand For Home Health NursesAs a home health nurse, you work in the private home of your patient. You can care, treat, provide therapy and intervention independently at the patient’s home. Of course, all orders and instructions come for the head physician. Home health nurses have the same responsibilities as regular nurses. The nurse attends to the patient needs as well as provides personal care. The only difference is home health nurses travel to the patient’s home and not work inside a healthcare center.

Generally, home health nurses work with disabled and elderly patients. These patients need daily care beyond what their families can provide them. The home health nurse can take on tasks like laundry, housekeeping, cooking, dressing and bathing to help the patient. Aside from the chores, the home health nurse checks the vitals of the patient and changes dressings if necessary. The home health nurses assist the patient to perform exercises for recovery.

Will This Job Suit You?

If you do not mind working in a patient’s home, you can earn good money by being a home health nurse. Since you are in control of your time, you can work for as many patients as you want. The hourly salary of a home health nurse ranges for $6-$15. You have a great earning potential as long as you are a skilled and qualified home health nurse. This job will suit you if you like working with disabled and elderly patients. If you are concerned about doing household chores, you can specify this before starting the job.

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