Nursing Job Satisfaction – Do Nurses Enjoy Their Jobs

Every year, there are more and more nursing graduates all over the world. Most of these nursing graduates know that being a nurse will offer great job opportunities, great salary and a secured job. What happens when they finally land a nursing job? Will they end up regretting becoming a nurse or will they really like their job?

A nurse’s job is tough and demanding and no one will question that. However, jobs that are demanding and challenging ends up being more rewarding and satisfying. Some people break under the pressure but those who survive it will feel immeasurable satisfaction. Do you think nurses like their jobs? There is no right and wrong answer to this as each person will feel differently. One thing is for sure though; the satisfaction of being a nurse will always be present. The only difference is if this satisfaction is worth the demands of the job.

Nurses are very important people in the healthcare industry. Their importance is undeniable. Let us take neonatal nurses for example. Neonatal nurses are very important people during a woman’s childbirth. They are trained to take care of newborns that are sick. Often, newborns born with a disease or are premature babies are the ones neonatal nurses take care of the most. Their job saves infant lives, which makes them very important in the healthcare industry. When they do, the feeling of satisfaction is overwhelming. Neonatal nurses earn $90,000-$150,000 a year. This job is not just emotionally and mentally satisfying but the pockets will be very satisfied as well.

Even certified nursing assistants are very important in the healthcare industry. A CNA assists physicians, doctors and surgeons. They can also assist some nurses with simple tasks. It will really depend on what duties are assigned to them. CNAs do not require a high level of educational attainment but even so, they are very much needed in hospitals. Their salaries are paid on an hourly basis, which gives them the opportunity to earn more money. Certified nursing assistant jobs are just as satisfying too especially if they see the patients get better with their help.

A nursing job is very satisfying given that the person has a genuine passion of taking care of people. If the nurse sees his or her job as a burden, it is best to switch careers immediately. Without job satisfaction, there will be no motivation to be a better nurse.

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