Scheduling Options When Working As A Nurse

Work schedule is an important factor especially for people who are still in the stage of deciding the job or career to pursue. Some people may choose an average-paying job because of the light and easy work schedule while some may prefer heavy work schedule to earn higher income. When it comes to nursing professionals like registered nurses, advanced nurse practitioners and licensed practical nurses, work schedules are usually determined either by their employers, institutions or by themselves. The determination of work schedules are usually based on the minimum work hours required by the government and state.

Work schedules may vary from employer to employer, institution to institution, and roles as a nurse. Staff nurses in various hospitals usually have similar work scheduling processes. Home care nurses, physician’s office nurses and travel nurses may have different work schedules than regular staff nurses because of their different responsibilities as a professional nurse.

Nursing Scheduling OptionsStaff nurses in hospitals are usually allowed to choose between a day shift and a night shift depending on their preference while some hospitals set the schedules on their own. These types of scheduling are self-scheduling and fixed scheduling. Some large health institutions and hospitals implement rotating work schedules to make up for the shortage of nurses in a facility or hospital. Most hospitals set the schedules of staff nurses in blocks making it easier for nurses to determine their work schedules and day offs.

Work schedules may vary a little when it comes to different work settings like in physician’s office and clinic, and in home care facilities. These kinds of work settings usually do not require night shifts depending on the services offered by the private physician. Some nurses may provide 24/7 health care and services for private home nurses. Although this work setting can be more tiring, private home nurses are also some of the highest paid nurses making their work preferable by most nurses despite the tight work schedule.

Travel nurses are also some of the highest paid nurses in the industry today but their responsibilities are also more demanding compared to other nursing careers and positions. Travel nursing were established due to the shortage of professional nurses in the country like United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. Other European countries also have shortage of licensed and certified nurses. Although pays are higher compared to other nursing jobs, travel nurses usually work with short-term contracts requiring them to always look for prospective new assignments in order to continue working.

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