Specializations for Registered Nurses – What Are Your Choices?

Nursing is a broad career. If you choose to become a nurse, you must be prepared to make a choice on what specialization you will pursue. Well, not every nurse will decide to pursue a specialization. They are contented with simply being a registered nurse. On the other hand, there are nurses who want to excel in their line of work and broaden opportunities in their careers. They pursue a master’s degree and choose a specialization. Not only do these nurses learn special skills but they get to earn more money too.

What Specializations For Registered Nurses Can You Choose From

  • The youngest specialization in nursing is called holistic nursing. Holistic nurses are focused on combining nursing skills, methodologies and ideologies that help heal the mind, body and spirit. There is a good demand for holistic nurses. They mostly help patients who are terminally ill or have gone through a very traumatic experience.
  • One of the most popular specializations in nursing is forensic nursing. Forensic nursing is using nursing skills to care for crime victims at the same time, collect evidences from the victim’s body as well. Forensic nurses are highly trained to gather and handle evidences.
  • If you want to become a nurse who specializes in infection control, you can become an infection nurse. Infection nurses identify and prevent the spread of infection in the hospital, community or a specific area. Popular cases dealt with today are TB, HIV and STDs. If there are any breakouts, infection nurses are the ones to look into the matter as well.
  • Case management nursing is a specialization that deals with the treatment of patients. Case management nurses usually care for patients who are suffering from substance abuse or those who have serious injuries. Case management nurses also help patients to deal with the insurance company.
  • Pediatric nursing deals with caring for sick children with impairments. They work in the pediatric wards of hospitals as well as in the intensive care units.
  • Geriatric nursing deals with caring for the elders who are seriously ill, disabled and sick. Geriatric nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, private home nursing and in intensive care units as well.
  • Nurses can become educators too. Nurse educators can teach in colleges, universities, communities and hospitals. They help educate nursing students and can provide training programs and seminars.

Now that you know some of the best specializations in nursing, what will you choose? Make sure that your choice is what you are passionate about and where you will excel in the most.

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