Why Nursing Will Never Disappear As A Job

Healthcare professionals like nurses and doctors are very important not only because they provide care and services to individual patients but because they also play major functions in the community and society. Nurses do not only help patients with their health problems but nurses also communicate, educate and provide emotional support to their family members so both parties can recover and handle the situation well.

With the great improvements in health and medical technologies, and the growing number of people who seek healthcare and services, more and more nurses are needed and will be needed in the coming years. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics even projected that the nursing job outlook will increase to 26% from 2010 to 2010. This proves that nurses will be highly needed in the next years making this career a good career option for aspiring professionals and healthcare providers.

One of the main reasons why nursing will never disappear is a job is the increasing need for healthcare services. Compared to other industries, the healthcare industry has been steadily growing despite various economic downturns faced by numerous countries for the past years. No matter what happens to the economy and the country, people who need medical attention and health care will seek help from healthcare professionals such as nurses.

Another reason why nursing will never disappear as a job is that, nurses play some of the most important role in patient health, treatments and recovery. Although nursing professionals like registered nurses work under the supervision of physicians, they can be considered as forefront in terms of provision of healthcare to patients. They are the ones who directly provide the health needs of patients every day.

They are involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the patients up to their recovery. When you go to the hospital, one of the first persons you will encounter and will also accommodate you is the nurse. When you visit a physician’s office or clinic, the nurse will also be the one who will assist you and help you through the physician’s instructions.

Job opportunities are also more secured for nurses with higher degrees and training. Nursing professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing can expect more job opportunities and better career options. Hospitals and large healthcare facilities will be even willing to provide sign-in bonuses, benefits and subsidized training to encourage more people to choose nursing profession due to the increasing demand for nurses.