All about CNA Programs

If you wish to become a nurse, then you can enter by enrolling yourself in CNA programs, as there is increasing demand for such personnel in the healthcare industry. With the increase in the aging population, you CNA get a wide range of jobs as nursing aides in hospitals and even in patients’ homes. Such jobs are increasing due to the increasing numbers of sick and elderly people.

Once you have an experience in the job, you can decide whether you want to further yourself in the nursing career and become a Licensed Practical nurse or a Registered Nurse. Each state has different requirements for CNA programs, but they all need the completion of an accredited program and then pass the exam. Once the student has passed the exam, he is placed on the state registry which proves that he has completed the course successfully.

All details regarding the essential conditions for CNA programs are given in the State Nurse Aide registry. Apart from having the certification, you may also be checked up for any drugs intake and for any other criminal background, as safety is to be ensured while working in healthcare institutions and nursing homes.

The basic qualification for attending CNA programs is a high school diploma or a G.E.D., but there may also be additional requirements for certain specific programs. The programs involve both lectures and hands-on training. You will have to put in certain fixed number of hours of training and also fixed hours of practical or lab training which is given in a medical environment. Many technical schools or vocational and community colleges offer CNA programs.

The course work in CNA programs include Communication, Infection control, Nutrition and Personal Care of patients. You will also be given lectures on Anatomy and Physiology along with some practical skills, such as testing the patient’s blood pressure, temperature and other bedside related activities. On successful completion of the program, you should be able to multitask and also be able to work as a part of a healthcare team. You need to be patient and compassionate, as the most of the patients may be sick and elderly people who are under a lot of tension. You should also cultivate a strong desire to help others and aid sick people.

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