Course Details for a CNA Medical

There is a slight difference between the duties and responsibilities of the CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant, and a Medical Assistant, with the former reporting to a Registered Nurse. By going in for the CNA medical course, you can advance in your nursing career. Though the work performed by both the medical assistant and the CNA is the same in some respects, like helping the patients with regard to their medical records, medicines and so on, the essential difference is that the CNA medical duties also involves helping the patient in his bedside activities, unlike the Medical Assistant.

The CNA Medical actually forms the vital link between the patient and the Registered Nurse or the Licensed Practical Nurse, but he does not have to work directly under the doctor. He is in charge of looking after the patient’s vital signs and medical tests as also taking care of the personal hygiene aspects of the patient, which the latter is not able to take care of.

There are regulations set up by the HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which the CNA medical should adhere to. It is important to behave calmly in all emergency situations and be sympathetic towards the patient. A CNA medical can even work in facilities where there are no physicians, as he is directly under the Registered nurse or an LPN, and he can also serve people in their homes as a nursing aide. This is different from medical assistants who need to report to a doctor and therefore work in clinics or in doctor’s offices.

The CNA medical must write the certification examination and then avail of many job choices. He will need to look after patients who have undergone surgery or those suffering terminal illnesses, and hence provide them with proper monitoring. It is a highly responsible job and a high standard is expected according to Federal regulations.

The CNA medical has to undergo fixed training hours to be eligible for writing the exam. The CNA medical has to get training in subjects like infection control, safety training, and emergency training and also learn better communication skills. He should also respect the patient’s dignity. The number of training hours is stipulated, as in some states the requirement may be more.

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