Vocational Nursing – Demand Boosted For Vocational Nurses

The nursing career is a hot topic today especially for new high school graduates who are contemplating on what degree to take up. Parents want to make sure that their child’s college education is worth it and the child will end up with a good paying job. The nursing career is rewarding and a stable job and you can trust that it will provide good job prospects long-term.

There are a number of ways on how to become a nurse. First, you must decide on what type of nurse you want to be. Do you want to be licensed practical nurse, vocational nurse or a registered nurse? The type of nurse you want to become will dictate the educational program you will need. Becoming a practical nurse will be easier than being a registered nurse as there will be lesser year to study. In addition, a vocational nurse will get to start his career earlier as the training time is less.

Today, there is high demand for different types of nurses and vocational nurses are no exception. Just like registered nurses, vocational nurses are in demand and very much needed especially in the coming years. This is the perfect opportunity as the demand will continue to increase and finding a job after you graduate will not be a problem.

Licensed vocational and practical nurses have the same training and will have to pass the same test. The only difference is the name used. In states like California and Texas, they use the term licensed vocational nurse. In the other states, practical or licensed practical nurse is the names used.

Vocational nurses work under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse. They work closely with patients through administering medications, giving what patients need, assisting in daily activities, grooming and educating patient and families. Most vocational nurses work in residential care facilities like nursing homes. They are trained well in taking care of the elderly. There are vocational nurses who work in hospital, dental clinics and optometrist clinics as well.

The demand for vocational nurses is expected to increase 21% in the coming years. This is based on the demand from different states. In the United States, states like Florida, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana are the ones that look for and employ vocational nurses the most. As the aging population is starting to retire, more vocational nurses will be needed in nursing homes and residential care facilities. The increase sickness cases among the elderly will require more vocational nurses in hospitals as well.

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