Forensic Nurses Play A Big Role In Solving Crimes

Watching too much crime investigating shows may be a good way to learn about forensics.  The intricate work that is involved in this job is deeply appreciated because of such shows.  But the whole process is not as fast or as smooth as these episodes may be displaying.  Reality is far from the glamor that the role of forensics is, but nevertheless provides great help in the field of investigation.  Forensic nurses play a key role in solving different criminal cases that they handle.  Through their expertise and knowledge on evidence collection as well as objective analysis, the forensic nurses arrive at factual conclusions.

Forensic nurses establish a point of contact with a victim of abuse to provide care when the victim arrives at the emergency room.  From there the forensic nurse will collect evidence right there and there while providing patient care.  Getting the narratives is also important for medical purposes as well as legal reasons.  Most of these nurses do not only do the typical nursing routine.  They work in the well-equipped laboratories and work with a team to solve various crimes.  Going out into the crime scenes and taking pictures is part of their responsibilities thus making this career an exciting one.

Forensic nurses can work on sexual assaults, deaths, public health issues and trauma.  There are many specializations in forensic nursing which enables a forensic nurse to help in finding out the facts of a crime.  These are Forensic Nurse Investigator, Forensic Psychiatric Nurse, Forensic Gerontology Specialist, Nurse Coroner, Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner, Sexual Assault Examiner, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist, Legal Nurse Consultant, Correctional Nursing Specialist, Forensic Nurse Examiner and Sexual Assault Clinician.  Clearly, with this, forensic nursing is very much involved in assisting cases from sexual assault to criminal deaths.  These nurses contribute a lot in learning how the crime happened.

Forensic nursing is still new and the demand for these nurses is seen to rise because of being accepted in the forensic department.  Being in this nursing specialization can be very demanding, as criminal cases need to be solved.  This is one of the toughest nursing jobs out there and can only be pursued by those who have passion for nursing and legal matters.  If you can handle all these and more in the forensic nursing and still are objective in giving out the facts, this could be the right nursing career to follow and succeed in.

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