Get An Inside Look On What It Takes To Be A Pediatric Nurse

The nursing career can be numerous in terms of specializations.  Nurses are exposed to various areas in the hospital and gain knowledge as well as experience through these.  Many are interested to become a nurse, as it is a reputable health care profession.  The work of the nurse is highly regarded in society, as they are the front liners in patient care.  One of the choices in nursing specializations is the pediatric nursing.  This nurse is involved in handling children from infants to teenagers within the medical facility.  It may seem to be an easy task but it takes more than love for children to be a great pediatric nurse.

A pediatric nurse has to have the ability to be patient with children and compassion to the parents.  More often than not parents are usually overwhelmed with the situation when their children are ill.  Pediatric nursing conducts typical nursing routine of monitoring vital sign of the patient, administering medicine and recording patient progress.  Other than that, it is the responsibility of the pediatric nurse to give comfort to both parents and the young patients.  This is especially essential when the pediatric nurse is assigned at the emergency room.  Parents or the guardian may not know how to handle such situation and the nurse can somehow alleviate their worry.

To become a pediatric nurse is to take the path of a registered nurse.  This can be done through completing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree then taking the NCLEX-RN licensure examination.  Those nurses who want to specialize in the pediatrics must also have knowledge on other medical specializations respiratory, cardiovascular or gastrointestinal health.  This is imperative as most small children hospitalized are with health conditions in these body systems.

Certification in pediatric nursing is voluntary but can give an advantage to the aspiring pediatric nurse.  There are two certifications to choose from which are the Certified Pediatric Nurse or CPN and the Registered Nurse-Board Certified (RN-BC) Specialty Pediatric Nurse Certification.  To be given the title of CPN, an examination must be passed and certain practice hours has been done while RN-BC requires pediatric practice hours as well as continuing education in pediatrics.

Pediatric nurse median annual salary is at $69,000 and the demand for these nurses is increasing.  As like other nursing jobs, work schedules can vary and may include weekends, holidays and night work.    Even if pediatric nursing deals with children most of the time, it definitely is not child’s play.

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