How Much Do Nurses Get Paid? 2011 Edition

A good look at how much nurses earn will be helpful in making your decision if you want to this career path. Nurses are known for their high salaries. It is true to an extent but a nurse’s salary will depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the experience, the type of job, the geographical location and the educational degree of the nurse. Let us look closely at how much registered nurses or RNs earn on the average based on these factors.

The recent RN graduates will have to apply for entry-level positions. They will be part of a team and will be guided by an experienced nurse. This will continue for at least 3-5 years. The average yearly salary of newly graduate RNs is $60,483.00. When they reach the 6th year of working, the average salary will increase to $65,459.00. If the nurse garners more years of experience and moves up to administrative positions, their salary increases to $67,449.00.

The type of degree that a nurse will have is also a factor in his or her salary. Nurses can have a diploma, associate degree, bachelors or a master’s degree. Nurses with a BSN degree will have higher salaries and more job opportunities. On the average, the most basic pay is $57,280.00 a year. On the other hand, those nurses who only have an associate degree and works for entry-level positions will only have $40,250.00 yearly on the average.

One thing to consider is where the nurse is working. In the US, the hourly rate of a registered nurse is $24.00. There are schools and some workplaces that will pay nurses using the hourly rate but there are healthcare companies that will pay nurses a fixed amount of salary. The salary will go up depending on specialty as well. Surgical nurses earn $26.46 per hour while those in geriatrics will earn $22.79 per hour.

Geographical location is another thing to consider. The demand of nurses in the area affects the salary greatly. In the Southern US, salaries are higher because of the shortage of nurses. A nurse in Georgia will earn around $75,000.00 while a nurse in New York with the same educational background will earn around $62,701.00.

Lastly, the workplace is also a factor in a nurse’s salary. If a nurse works in a private clinic, the nurse can earn $63,516.00 yearly. In the state hospital, the nurse will earn $64,037.00 on the average. For those working in the education and non-profit sectors, a nurse will earn $35,972.00 in elementary schools while nurses who teach in colleges will earn $52,925.00.

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