How to Choose a Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are essential to a breastfeeding mom. They help ensure comfortable access to nourishment for your baby while providing support to the breasts. Selecting the most appropriate bra is an important decision. Choose a bra that gives adequate support, but fits comfortably. A supportive bra is effective in reducing the likelihood of neck and back pain that frequently results from enhanced breast size. The bra ought not to fit too tight because this could possibly damage milk supply by causing plugged ducts or breast infections. Should you be prone to leakage or think you may be, take care that there will be sufficient space left inside the cup to allow for breast pads.

Avoid underwire nursing bras if possible, particularly right after the delivery of your child. Like a bra that is too tight, there exists potential for a blocked milk duct. If you need to have an underwire bra, be sure to pick one that does not dig into the ribs.

Make certain the access panel is simple to work. If at all possible, you would like a panel that can be opened or closed one-handed since chances are you will be holding your child with your other hand. If you intend to breastfeed in public, you might want to select a bra that can be opened or closed without looking.

Be sure the opening supports the breast. This will be a lot more comfy for you. It also makes refastening the access panel a lot easier.

Nursing bras ought to be made of a material that breathes such as cotton. Many synthetic materials tend to hold moisture. Trapped moisture on the breast can lead to the growth of bacteria and may contribute to nipple tenderness.

If at all possible, you want a minimum of three nursing bras. This will allow you to change and wash your bra regularly. Since most traditional shops only carry a limited selection and few sizes, you may want to consider online retailers. When buying from a web-based merchant, make sure to check the sizing chart found somewhere on their website. It isn’t uncommon to find you wear a different size depending on the brand or store.

When you’ve got the ideal nursing bras, it can make a difference in how well your breastfeeding experience goes.

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