How To Make A Huge Impression At Your First Nursing Interview

You have graduated from Nursing and in the process of submitting your resume to various companies. Some of them have already called you in for an interview. This interview is what is standing between you landing the job or not. It is important that you make a huge impression during the interview. It is easier said than done. A job interview is the most dreadful part of the job application process and many applicants succumb to the pressure.

Preparation Is Key

Attending your first nursing interview can make you anxious but with proper preparation, your anxiety will be reduced. You can prepare a week or two weeks before the interview. Your anxiety will turn to confidence once you have prepared well.

You must do some research on the company you are applying for. This will show that you are genuinely interested in working for them. You can check out the company’s website and read about their profile, history, mission/vision and goals.

You should also read about proper interview ethics and decorum. Should you shake the interviewer’s hand when entering the room? What type of clothing should you wear? What should your answers be?

Bring Everything Needed

You must show the interviewer that you have come prepared. You should bring extra copies of your CV in case the interviewer needs another one. Show him that you are organized and list down all the questions you might want to ask him. These questions should be smart, intelligent and will show how observant you are.

Limit your questions to two and make sure that the interviewer has not discussed this prior to your questioning. Question like “do you offer educational assistance programs to employees?” will show that you are interested in working and learning at the same time.

Be Confident

The interviewer will not base your job application performance on your resume and how good you look, he will base it on how you answer his questions. It is a must that you prepare and anticipate for the questions by researching. Having more knowledge about the interview process will gain your confidence.

On the other hand, this does not mean that you will be stuck once you are caught off guard by a new question. Just answer with substance and confidence as these qualities will shine through. When answering, go straight to the point and be clear and concise.

This is your time to make a good impression with your soon-to-be employer. Use your free time to prepare and build confidence so you can start your nursing career.

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