How To Prepare For Your Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

Just like any other professionally regulated course, the Certified Nursing Assistant course also requires its graduates to pass an exam for certification in order for them to become Certified Nursing Assistants.

This particular exam consists of multiple-choice items and a practicum. In addition, in order to make it through this exam, preparation, discipline, and practice are the key strategies.

Here is a detailed list of steps to prepare for the exam.

1.   Review

Reviewing is one of the key elements of successful examinations. In doing this, the student should go through all the materials that were used throughout the course. That is why it is important to keep all these papers and lessons in order to save time compiling them when the review has to start.

It would also help to ask family and friends to give support during the review. They can be the ones to make the cue cards and highlight small yet important details on the notes. They can also quiz the student on varied topics to assess progress in the review.

2.   Rehearse for the skills test

It is not enough that one knows the steps and how each one is being done. What is more important and helpful is to actually try this. If there are unclear steps, one should not hesitate to approach the instructor and ask for a brief demo in the lab. Furthermore, students should be rehearsing together for cooperative learning is more effective. Together, students can see each other perform and take note of the various strategies as well as correct errors for improvement.

3.   Take a test and time oneself

Accuracy is a very important factor when taking a test whether written or skill-related. However, accuracy combined with speed is even better. Being able to answer a great percentage (if not 100 percent) of the exam within the time allotment indicates a successful exam. So in order to achieve this, students should try to time themselves while taking a mock exam.

To do this, one should go to the library and search for CAN test preparation books with review tests. When done with the test, one should try to assess the performance and work more on the weaknesses. On the other hand, the strengths have to be honed even more.

When preparing to take the Certified Nursing Assistant Examination, one should never be complacent. Each opportunity for improvement must be taken and maximized.

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