Impact The Health Of Children By Becoming A Pediatric Nurse

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is suffering from shortages in both the doctor and nursing field. There is no greater aspiration when it comes to working than doing something in the service of others and the rewards that come in medicine are great, but they demand passion, dedication, and a desire to work long and hard. Nurses are integral to the smooth running of any medical operation because it is the work of groups that create great patient results. If you want to pursue a degree in nursing than there are different avenues you can take, but once you have your license it’s time to start to think about how you like to specialize. Being a pediatric nurse can be especially rewarding.

This specialty encompasses patients from birth until late adolescence, so depending on which department you choose to work within you have the possibility of being able to see patients grow through to their adulthood. You can work in pediatric setting with a hospital, medical center, or even private practice.

There are, actually three types of these professionals and the include licensed practical (LPN) and registered (RN) nurses, as well as nurse practitioners. The levels of schooling, as well as responsibilities escalate depending on which route you choose. Thinking that you are interested in this field but not sure if you want to put in the time to get an undergraduate degree in nursing could mean that becoming an LPN is the way to go.

If you are an RN that is craving more challenge and self-responsibility than becoming a practitioner is the logical next step. This involves attaining a separate master’s degree, which takes about two years, and leaves you with an even stronger role within any medical setting. Practitioners an examine, diagnose, and prescribe medication to patients.

Once you decide on training in pediatrics, however, it isn’t just a matter of working in a new department, you must be trained. This is done in-house in a similar fashion to the residencies that physicians participate in, where you will attend lectures and on-the-job training that will familiarize you with the specific issues and struggles inherent in your particular pediatric field.

One route is specialization through a separate certification process or you can just get on the job training. It doesn’t matter whether you go through a hospital, medical center, or private practice, as long as the institution works with pediatric patients you will be able to learn what you need to enter this field.

There are other specialties as well, like emergency medicine which can be the perfect fit for those who crave constant action. Of course, you can just work in the family medicine department and get to know your patients as they grow up in front of you. Wanting to work with children can be accomplished through a number of avenues in the medical community.

By being a pediatric nurse you are going to make a difference in kid’s's lives. If you are interested in being a licensed practical nurse right now, we have some information for you.

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