In Case You Have Scabies Here’s What You Need To Know

It is important to know the different types of symptoms associated with scabies in case you, or your children, become infested with these little bugs. Once infestation has happened, it may be two weeks before any symptoms associated with the mites in your skin are detectable or experienced. Even though you will not be able to detect scabies for up to 14 days, they are so contagious during this interim period. That is the worst part, no symptoms and yet still contagious to other people. This is not a question of bad hygiene or being dirty, but rather it is contagious microscopic insect, called a mite, that can spread. So if you type something that has scabies, or touch someone that is infested, you may get them yourself.

The worst part is when it starts to lay eggs in your flesh which hatch causing them to increase in numbers. Although it is true that infestations do not always occur, it is still possible depending upon certain conditions. Scabies, in most cases, can only be contracted by somebody who has extended physical contact with somebody who actually has these mites in their skin.

Once the mites are in your skin, and they are able to find a way to grow and thrive, they will continue to do so until it is not possible to continue. Although scabies can breed virtually anywhere, there are a few locations on the body that they are able to multiply much more easily. Both genders are candidates for scabies infestations, yet men and women host scabies more productively in different locations.

A scabies infestation may occur, actually, in a variety of locations on the human body. This is possible because, for short periods of time, the scabies survive without the human host. It is feasible for mites to live on objects within your household, or even in your car, allowing them to travel from person to person. If you notice areas of your body, such as your head, that suddenly have blisters, they may not be blisters and all but an infestation of scabies. Several other common anatomical locations include the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. The blisters actually are called vesicles and once you see them, get ready for some serious itching over the next few days.

You can experience one of two different results when the scabies mite burrows under your skin. In the information above, we told you the scenario for a person who is having their first infestation. With a subsequent infestation, the symptoms can begin much quicker. The reason for this is your body has learned to recognize the mite and is already sensitized to it. Treatment will almost always be necessary in order to kill of the scabies mites and eggs. Your immune system is a wonderful thing and there are times when it is able to detect an infestation, such as with the mites, and destroy them. The odds that this allergic reaction will trigger your immune system and kill the mites are slim. The most likely situation is that you will have to go to your doctor. If you are a first-time scabies victim, you can go for up to a month without even knowing you have scabies or exhibiting any of its irritating symptoms. It can be puzzling, and render the disease more difficult to grasp, when you realize that there are numerous scabies mite strains. The one common factor each strain of scabies carries is the symptom of extreme itching. The other symptoms can differ between strains. The simple reason for that is the itching is an allergic reaction after the body has formed antibodies for the mite, their eggs and feces. The wisest course of action, when you have these acute itching patches of skin, is to make an appointment to see your doctor.

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