Neonatal Nursing – Do You Want To Become a Neonatal Nurse?

Babies are angelic creatures and there are aspiring nurses who want to work with babies closely. These nurses are called neonatal nurses and this is a specialization a registered nurse can choose. You can see neonatal nurses work in pediatric clinics, hospitals and neonatal intensive care units. A neonatal nurse can also become a consultant or an educator.

Becoming a neonatal nurse will require diligence especially during the schooling years. Babies are very sensitive and you cannot afford any mistake in taking care of them. There are three levels of neonatal nursing which you can choose from if you pursue a specialization. The first is Level I and this is for healthy infants. The demand for Level I nurses are reduced because mothers prefer their babies staying in the room with them. Level II are concentrated on premature and sick infants. There is a bigger demand for this. Level III neonatal nursing is the most challenging. You have to work in the NICU and take care of seriously ill infants. These infants are usually in incubator and ventilators already.

The duties of a neonatal nurse will differ from one hospital to another but the methods and principles are all the same. A neonatal nurse has an important role in caring for babies and parents put their complete trust on neonatal nurses to help their babies get better.

With such an important role on your shoulders, you really have to want to become a neonatal nurse rather than seeing it as a job to earn more money. These infants are helpless and they need your genuine care to help them recover from whatever they are going through. You also need to remember that you have to give emotional support to the parents as they are having a very tough time too.

To become a neonatal nurse, you have to complete your bachelor’s degree in nursing first. This is the only way to become a registered nurse. After that, you can pursue the neonatal specialization if you really want to become a neonatal nurse. Pursuing a specialization will increase your salary and job opportunities. This means that you will have to pursue a master’s degree while working.

The duties and responsibilities of a neonatal nurse are extremely important and there should be a passion for caring burning inside of you if you want to become one. To be a neonatal nurse is a demanding career, so you have to make sure that you are ready for it.

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