New Zealand Nurse Jobs

By far, the fastest growing public expenditure in New Zealand is the healthcare sector. Thanks to advances in medical technology and an increased demand the sector is growing beyond all forecasts, resulting in significant pressure on the workforce and government who are now searching for overseas workers to fill labour gaps.

The government is under pressure to increase the investment into the healthcare sector and along with it increase the number of skilled migrants. As with most countries, the healthcare industry is heavily supported by the skills of overseas workers. The reliance is going to continue as the sector grows and investment into new job roles is increased.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in New Zealand predicts that future investment in healthcare will grow significant over the next few years and the healthcare spending as a proportion of the country’s GDP could double by 2050. This will be driven by New Zealand’s goal of having one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

One of the most ambitious healthcare mandates in New Zealand in the Primary Health Care Strategy. This mandate was created to build a health care system that is accessible to everyone who lives in the country, effectively diminishing the social gaps in health. The strategy will also grow the emphasis placed on preventative care in an effort to reduce the number of health problems in future.

To make the strategy successful the New Zealand government acknowledges the need for qualified and experienced medical professionals if they are to meet their healthcare goals. The majority of these workers will come from overseas as there is a much shorter time frame in visa processing compared to training an unskilled worker to the necessary level. For this reason the level of migration to the country, particularly skilled migration, is expected to rise so that ambitious healthcare targets can be met.

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