Nurse Salaries – How Much Do Registered Nurses Get Paid?

The salary of registered nurses is popular for being high and competitive. This is probably because of the current shortages of nurses all around the world. Registered nurses are driven in their jobs for different reasons and for sure, one of them is to make good and honest money.

So, how much do registered nurses make in a year? Do they really make good money? How much are they paid per hour? These questions are on top of the minds of nursing students and aspiring nurses. Registered nurses earn between $35,000 to $65,000 per year but this will depend on a lot of factors including type of job, location, experience, specialization, educational degree and the company.

The average salary of an RN in the United States is $67,720 and the hourly pay is $32.56. These amounts are just averages which mean that registered nurses can earn more or less this amount. Again, the different factors of the salary should be taken into account. But one thing is for sure, the pay for registered nurses continue to increase every year.

The starting salary for registered nurses starts from $28,000 to $50,000 on the average while the hourly rate is $16.50 to $26.00 per hour. Over time, salaries will increase once the nurse gains more experience, certifications and specializations. In addition, registered nurses can also choose to further their career by applying for managerial positions, which will dramatically increase the salary as well.

Are you interested in knowing where the highest paid registered nurses work? On top of the list is in personal care services with a yearly salary of $86,470 and an hourly wage of $41.57. The next on the list is in the federal executive branch which will earn you $79,530 a year and $36.03 per hour. This is followed by nursing jobs in the pharmaceutical, medicine, medical equipment and supplies manufacturing industry, which pays $74,940 per year and $36.03 per hour. Lastly, a registered nurse in schools will earn $74,180 per year and $35.66 per hour.

If you want to get a higher salary than the average registered nurse does then you have to pick a location where there is a high demand for nurses. In the U.S., New York hospitals pay more than those hospitals at Tennessee. If you want to earn more, you will also need to make a conscious effort as well. Pursue further studies to get a nursing specialization or acquire more certificates. You can enroll in online nursing courses so you do not have to take time off work. The key to getting a higher pay will depend on your resume and it is up to you how you will enhance your resume.

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