Nursing Careers – What Is Mental Health Nursing?

Nursing has its own specialty and students can decide on whatever specialty they want to pursue. Some nurses want to work with children so they get pediatric nursing as their specialty. However, there are nurses who want a more challenging job that can propel their career to new heights. If you are looking for a tough nursing career, you should pick mental health nursing as your specialty.

What Is Mental Health Nursing?

Mental health nursing is a demanding area of nursing because you deal with a patient’s mental problem and not his physical discomfort and sickness. This type of nursing care is much more complex as there is no drug or medicine, which can cure mental health problems.

Patients under mental health nursing are those who suffer from depression or emotional trauma. It can be due to a death of a loved one or a crisis in life. It can also be an effect of alcohol or drug abuse. Conditions tackled in this area of nursing includes psychological and personality disorders, neurosis and psychosis.

Mental Health Nurses

To become a mental health nurse, the student has to have a postgraduate degree meaning a masters or doctorate on mental health nursing. This job is demanding which is why a nurse needs to be equipped with the right skill and knowledge in handling patients with mental problems. These patients are very fragile.

Mental health nurses have to monitor the biological dimensions of the illness through administration of medicine, observation of behavior and a general interpretation of their gathered data. They do not work alone but only assists the head doctor of the patient. Nonetheless, they are the ones who always work closely with the patient.

Mental health nurses also protect the rights of the patients since they are helpless during this time. The nurse also helps give support to the family of the patient to enable them to help their loved on to the path of recovery.

These nurses not only assist patients but they build therapeutic relationships with the patient and the family. When a patient is depressed, he/she looks for a confidant that will understand him. The nurse’s role goes beyond administrative tasks because mental health patients need the therapeutic relationship to help them recover.

As a nurse in the mental health-nursing field, you must be ready for the emotional, physical and mental demands of the job. You must be emotionally and mentally stable and strong so you can help patients to recover. Show them that you genuinely care and not just because it is your job. This job is complex but it is rewarding once you have helped a patient recover completely.

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