Nursing Education Options – Which Type Will Be Best For You?

You want to be a nurse someday but you know that the road ahead will be long and hard. What if you cannot handle life and death situations or even the sight of blood? Will this really be the career you want to pursue? It may be true that being a nurse entails putting long hours of studying and working but trust me when I say that it is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs in the world.

Before entering college, you have a number of choices on what nursing education to choose. There are various options for you to choose. The choice will depend on what your goal is.

Licensed Practical Nursing

The first option is to get a diploma in licensed practical nursing. This will only take a year to finish in a nursing school or online nursing school. You will become either a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN). The training program will give you a balance of course work and hands-on training in a hospital to gain exposure and experience. Once you finish the course, you can assist registered nurses (R.N.) and doctors to care for patients.

Associate Degree In Nursing

If studying for two years is not an issue for you, you can get an Associate Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.). This program consists of longer classes and more medical classes throughout the two years. Here, the student can also choose specific nursing areas to focus on like pediatric, surgical or geriatric. Once you have the degree, you can help patients directly and give assistance to R.N.s and doctors as well.

Bachelor’s Degree of Science Degree in Nursing

If you want to have a more complete nursing education, you might as well get the Bachelor’s Degree of Science Degree in Nursing (B.S.N.). This is a 4-year course, which will give you more time to be knowledgeable and develop nursing skills. If you have this degree, you can pursue further studies like a masters or doctorate. This program is more extensive but you will be well armed once you graduate.

As mentioned earlier, the job of a nurse is rewarding and fulfilling. It is rewarding because you receive a big salary plus the benefits. It is fulfilling because you get to help patients get better and even save lives. If you squirm at the sight of blood, you can always avoid being a surgical or E.R. nurse. Instead, you can be a pediatric nurse, a nursing teacher or even work at forensics. If you think this is the career for you then you can opt for an online nursing degree, which is more cost-effective and can be finished in just 2 years.

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