Pediatric Nursing: How To Become One

Taking care of the children is a noble vocation especially when they are at their weak moments.  Children are always expected to be active and always on their feet but health conditions can be experienced.  Pediatric nursing is about providing healthcare to those kids that seek medical attention.  This nursing specialization can be pursued as advancement in the nursing career.

The basic requirement to become a pediatric nurse is a nurse that is registered.  A registered nurse must finish a college degree in nursing through an accredited associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing.  After the rigorous coursework and training in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, aspiring pediatric nurses will take the NCLEX-RN licensure examination.  Passing the test will give license to the nurse to work as a registered nurse in any area where these nurses are hired.

Registered nurses can be tasked to take responsibility in various areas of a hospital or medical institution.  With this, nurses at one time can be given the assignment as pediatric nurse.  These nurses can be seen at the neonatal ICU, emergency room, pediatrician’s offices, home health and schools among others.  Through this work, the registered nurse is given experience in being a pediatric nurse.  To be officially called certified pediatric nurse or pediatric nurse practitioner, further education is needed.

To be a certified pediatric nurse, a certification must be passed given by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.  Aside from certification, pediatric practice hours should be accomplished to qualify for the test.  Certification of this kind is voluntary but will add credentials to the pediatric nursing as having achieved the standard to be named as such.  If you want to become specialized and gain the title of pediatric nurse practitioner then a master’s degree must be achieved.  This can be completed in two to three years with coursework, clinical care experience and research projects.  This is recommended to those who want to focus their career as a pediatric nurse.  Certified pediatric nurses receive a median annual income at $69,000 while pediatric nurse practitioners are paid higher with yearly salary at $80,000 on average.

Overall, pediatric nurse are highly satisfied with their work.  Sometimes handling children at their most energetic state can be tiring but witnessing them too tired to do anything is simply heartbreaking.  When seeing children go back to their own feisty selves is a welcome recovery to both the pediatric nurse and the parents.  It is an indication that the care provided by the nurse and the doctor has paid off.

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