Pediatric Nursing: Is This Your Specialization?

As you may know, there are vast career opportunities in the field of nursing. When you earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you can pursue a specialization already. If you love working with youngsters, pediatric nursing might be the right specialization for you. Pediatric nurses provide services for 18 years old and below. They work closely with pediatric physicians, parents and other healthcare providers to help and care for children.

What Are The Responsibilities And Tasks Of A Pediatric Nurse?

  • Pediatric nurses give immunizations to children and young adults. They also provide preventative care.
  • Pediatric nurses give information to patients and their parents.
  • Pediatric nurses perform physical examinations and provide prescriptions for medications only. They also administer medication to children and adolescents.
  • Pediatric nurses keep record and documents a patient’s medical history and progress.

The tasks done by a pediatric nurse will depend on his or level of education and experience. The more experienced a nurse is, the more responsibilities he or she carries. So, how do you become a pediatric nurse anyway?

If you are sure of being a pediatric nurse, you should become a licensed registered nurse first. A registered nurse must complete an accredited nursing program and earn a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree makes you eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam in which you can get your license if you pass. Once you have your license, you can apply for a nursing job in pediatric or childcare facilities.

However, if you wish to know and learn more about pediatric nursing, further education and training are needed. You may opt to get a master’s degree and pick pediatric nursing as your specialization. A higher degree will always open more career opportunities for you. If you earn your master’s degree, you can become a pediatric nurse practitioner or a clinical nurse specialist. There are hospitals and healthcare facilities that will offer special additional training for pediatric nurses. Take the offer because this will add to your work experience and skills.

Pediatric nurses have a good future ahead of them because the demand for pediatric nursing will never stop. As the world becomes more populated, there is more demand for healthcare services for the young children. Since children are still developing their immune systems, they can catch different sickness and diseases easily. Special care is needed for them. Moreover, pediatric nurses assist children with disabilities or mental health problems too. What do you think? Is pediatric nursing the right specialization for you?

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