Required CE For RN Employed In The States From Federal Region I

One of the main requirements when renewing license as a registered nurse is continuing education. Most of the states in the US have varying requirements when it comes to continuing education for RN. It is important to know the specific state-required CE in the state you are employed or planning to be employed so you can prepare these requirements before the expiration of your license. State governments not only for license renewal purposes, it is also to maintain quality healthcare professionals working in their state impose these CE requirements.

According To The Standard Federal Regions Established By The OMB, Federal Region I Include:

  • Rhode Island
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts

Rhode Island

If you are employed in this state, you need to accomplish at least 10 contact hours of continuing education to renew a 2-year license. The Rhode Island Board of Nurse Registration and Nursing Education may accept CE units earned from online continuing education programs if the programs and the providers are accredited and approved by the board.

New Hampshire

This state also requires renewal of license every 2 years. Registered nurses must earn at least 30 contact hours of continuing education to renew license. There are specific topics that are state-approved and can be counted as contact hours if the topics and programs meet the requirements of the board. To earn CE contact hours, look for CE courses on nursing art and science, ethical and legal aspects of nursing, researches and writing programs related to nursing, courses on emergency and disaster preparedness, and topics about policies and current issues regarding healthcare.


RNs in this state must earn 15 contact hours of CE to renew a 2-year license. CE courses can only be counted if the courses were fully accredited by the Board of Registration in Nursing in Massachusetts. The rules for earning CE contact hours include:

  • 2-hour clinical experience = 1 CH (contact hour)
  • 1 CEU = 10 CH
  • 1 semester in nursing-related university course = 15 CH

While some states impose strict and so many continuing education requirements, there are some states that do not impose CE for registered and licensed nurses who are planning their license renewal. Examples are the states in the Federal Region I such as Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut. If you are employed in one of these states as a registered nurse, you can renew your license by applying for new license without the need for doing new studies or attending refresher courses.

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