Required CE For RN Employed In The States From Federal Region IX

Do you know the required CE for RN in the US from a certain region? The Standard Federal Region IX are composed of the states of:


  • Hawaii

  • California

  • Arizona

  • Nevada





The state of Nevada requires their RNs to renew their license every two years. In order for registered nurses to continue practicing their profession, they need to complete the state-required continuing education and the licensure requirements.

  • The CE contact hours gained through continuing education provider that is approved by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American Nurse Credentialing Center Commission on Accreditation, and National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners is accepted by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
  • 30 hours of nursing continuing education must be completed by all employed registered nurses in Nevada and must also complete the Nevada State Board of Nursing approved CE course on Bio-terrorism which is required by the state.
  • In order for the CE course on Bio-terrorism to be included in the 30 contact hours CE requirement, it must be at least 4 contact hours. Registered nurses who are renewing their license again and have already taken the Bio-terrorism CE are not required to take the CE program once again because it is only required once.


In order for all registered nurses that work within the states of California and renew their license, they need to accomplish the continuing education of not less than 30 contact hours. The Board of Registered Nursing in California must approve the provider of the nursing continuing education course of registered nurses in order for them to be able to meet the CE requirements. BRN does not approve individual CE courses.

  • Required CE For RN 10 contact hours is equal to 1 complete CEU unit
  • 1 academic quarter can be converted in 10 CE contact hours while 1 academic semester can be counted as 15 CE contact hours.
  • CE courses will be accepted if it is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
  • CEPs or Accredited continuing education providers provide several nursing continuing education courses as directed in the California Code of Regulations, Sections 1457 and 1456.
  • Less than 60 minutes CE courses are not recognized as contact hours.
  • 3 hours duration of supervised clinical nursing practice can be converted into 1 contact hour.
  • If the academic institution offering a course related to nursing is accredited by the accrediting bodies and if the course being offered, meets the criteria within the CCR. Section 1451.2, then the course offered can be accepted and converted into contact hours.

 Arizona And Hawaii

In the Federal Region 9, Arizona and Hawaii are the two states that do not require a registered nurse to undergo continuing education requirements in renewing their license and work within the state.

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