Required CE For RN Employed In The States From Federal Region V

Continuing education is a basic requirement when renewing license for most states in the US. This requirement is imposed not only to update registered nurses with the current issues and trends in health care but also to maintain quality professionals working in the industry. To legally practice your profession as a registered nurse, determining and understanding the CE requirements for the state you are currently employed is very important so you can prepare early on and have the requirements earned before your license expires.

Standard Federal Region V includes the state of:

  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin



Continuing Education For NursesThe renewal of license for registered nurses licensed and employed in the state of Ohio should be done every 2 years. To renew license, the minimum continuing education requirement is 24 contact hours of approved and accredited CE. To accomplish these requirements, RNs must:

  • Earn at least 1 contact hour of CE categorized as Category A – CE courses or programs that are accredited by the Ohio Board of Nursing Approver.
  • For registered nurses licensed in the state through endorsement and the duration of the license is less than a year ago, they can renew license by earning at least 12 contact hours of accredited CE.
  • Earn 1 contact hours of CE related to the Chapter 4723, 1-23 of the Ohio nurse practice codes and rules, or the CE courses on Becoming Familiar with the Ohio Nurse Practice Act.


The same with most states in the US, the state of Minnesota requires registered nurses working in the state to renew license biennially. The continuing education required is 24 contact hours of approved and accredited CE. To accomplish the continuing education requirement, registered nurses must take CE courses with topics that can improve nursing knowledge, skills, and judgment. Only the accredited CE courses or CE provided by an accredited provider can satisfy the contact hour requirements. Academic units can also be accepted as contact hours.


Just like the state of Minnesota, Illinois also requires renewal of license for registered nurses working in the state every 2 years and to renew license, they must accomplish 24 contact hours of continuing education. The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation must accredit the CE.

The states of Indiana and Wisconsin are the two states in the Federal Region V that do not impose CE requirements for registered nurses employed in the state and for renewal of license.

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