Required CE For RN Employed In The States From Federal Region VI

If you are looking for employment as a registered nurse then you will have to look at different requirements of various states in the US. The Standard Federal Region VI includes 5 states and these are:

  • Arkansas
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma



Renewal of license for registered nurses licensed and employed in the state of Arkansas is required every 2 years. The continuing education requirements to renew license are 15 contact hours of CE provided by a CE provided approved or authorized by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing, certification from a national certifying body honored by the board of nursing, and completion of academic unit related to nursing which can be converted into CE contact hours.



The state of Texas also requires renewal of license for registered nurses working in the state every 2 years. The CE requirement is 20 contact hours and can be accomplished by:

  • Required CE For RN Taking CE courses accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing.
  • Taking CE courses provided by an accredited CE provider.
  • Self-study CE courses and online CE programs can also be counted as contact hours if the program meets the CE requirements imposed by the nursing board.
  • For the initial renewal of license, registered nurses must earn 2 contact hours of CE on Forensic Evidence Collection through clinical experience particularly in the emergency units or settings.



The state of Louisiana requires registered nurses employed in the state to renew their license annually. The number of contact hours that should be accomplished by a registered nurse will depend on their nature of work or nursing job. Registered nurses working full time in the state must earn at least 5 contact hours of approved CE to renew license. For those working on part time nursing jobs, registered nurses must complete a 10 contact hour CE course or program. If you are working on a non-nursing related job or have not been working in the nursing field for at least a year, the minimum CE requirement is also 10 contact hours.


New Mexico

The state of New Mexico requires renewal of license for registered nurses employed in the state biennially. To be able to renew license, RNs must first earn at least 30 contact hours of continuing education within that 2 years of work experience. To earn CE contact hours, the CE course must be fully accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the board of nursing in the state of New Mexico.



The same with some states in the US, the state of Oklahoma also has no CE requirement for registered nurses who are renewing their license as a registered nurse in the state.

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