Scabies Therapy – Important Considerations For The Young And Older Adults

Scabies has a lot of history with it, as well as scabies treatment. Bible verses that were written some 3000 years in the past, are dealing with scabies. Even Aristotle wrote about this condition, and while the name, scabies, was never used, it is believed that he was describing what could have been scabies. What makes scabies so interesting is that it is a disease that is ancient. The scabies mite must have caused some people to have a horrible time thousands of years ago. There were no antihistamines to take for the extreme itching symptoms. Some conditions are treated fairly easily with modern medicine, and scabies is one of those conditions.

You should know right away that scabies can easily go between people living in small areas. Treatment of the entire living quarters must take place in order to stop the infestation in its tracks. It is only possible to stop scabies infestations by addressing both the areas of infestation and those that have the mites already. That is why it can sometimes be difficult to completely eradicate scabies within a group or large family. These mites are not very hard to treat, but can be difficult to deal with because of how they spread.

The treatment that your doctor has for scabies will depend upon how old you are and what kind of infestation that it is. Though there are a variety of treatment options available, the most common one is to use a particular medication that can be spread on your skin. You also get an antihistamine which will decrease your amount of itching caused by the mites in your skin. Keep in mind that the severe itch is an allergic reaction to the presence of the mites and eggs inside the body. Antihistamines work very well because of this reaction. A common prescription that many doctors will use to handle this problem is Ivermectin which is a capsule. Always follow-up with your doctor a few weeks later to make sure that everything has been cured.

Many people in the United States will be prescribed Elimite which is another name for the topical cream permethrin. If you have to choose, Elimite is your best choice because of its lower toxicity rating in regard to human use. In fact, this topical cream, permethrin, is used with infants that have scabies.

Another common thing that occurs after having scabies is to have nodules appear. The nodules will eventually go away after several weeks to months, though. One approach to treating nodular scabies is with steroidal injections directly into the nodules. An over-the-counter treatment for nodular scabies is to put coal tar directly onto the nodules themselves. Itching, if it persists, is a result of the damage that the scabies did while they were in your upper epidermal layer. It is this constant burrowing effect that really inflames and irritates your skin. A common drug that is purchased over-the-counter, Benadryl, is used to handle the situation. As soon as you become aware that you might have scabies, you need to contact your medical professional for options to remedy your scabies, if a diagnosis is made that shows you have it. Then you need to put forth your best effort in fumigating all of your personal items in your home.

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